Fiscal or financial year planners

Fiscal or financial year planners

With the new fiscal year in the UK and many other countries in early April, now is the time to get your planner printed and up on the wall. It is interesting how the fiscal year varies across the globe. While many corporations use the calendar year, 1st Jan to 31st Dec, the budget or tax year often varies by country.

Here is a round up of Fiscal Year’s around the world:

January to December: China, France, Germany, Mexico, Ireland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, 

April to March: UK, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, India, South Africa, 

July to June: Australia, Egypt, Italy, New Zealand, Pakistan

October to September: USA, Thailand

See our collection of Planners and Calendars for a selection of suitable planners to cover many of the above fiscal/financial years.


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